Thursday, 3 January 2013

Second day at maccas

Today was my second day/shift working at maccas and can I just say I actually absolutely loved it today!! Wtf right? I mean I said I didn't like it last time but truly I loved it today. (I am trying the mobile blogger app right now btw)

Today I was cooking the patties and effing loved it! It was so fun, mainly because of the fact that I was absolutely AMAZING at it. (well that's what my crew trainer said) oh wait if your not sure what to do when you come into to work don't just go in and sit in the crew room and wait for your trainer ... I was like over 10mins late for the clock in that way. Just ask for the manager at the counter and tell them your training today and ask who your crew trainer is.

Anyway, before I started on the floor obviously I did the modules which were also boring like last time but for some reason my crew trainer like helped me cheat on the tests for it... Hehe (actually at first he was asking me these personal questions which made me think he was kinda creepy... But actually he was heaps fun to learn from lol wtf). Don't know if I mentioned this but my trainer said I was the best trainer he had when grilling the meat. -big smiles-

I also finally got an apron, girl pants and a new name badge today yay!! Did I mention I was the best trainee? Haha yeah so you basically got to know the difference between the meat patties, remember to apply seasoning, be amazing like me aha at getting the meat after its cooked on the trays and clean the grill plate safetly. Easy peezy right?

Oh did I mention how good I was at my station today? Haha anyway that's it

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