Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fifth day at McDonalds

I just wrote this post but accidentally deleted it -.- so here I go again...

Today guess what? I had that trainer I had on my fourth shift and didn't do the modules again haha no surprise there. He said to me that I'm doing it next shift.. when?? I'm supposed to be moving on to a different station next time -.-

Also incredibly annoyed at this bitch of a manager who fucking clocked me off so I had to clock on. Just tell me that I did wrong don't clock me off to have to need authorisation again wtf. Ugh and she blamed me for this mistake where the burger was wrong way round in the box but I wasn't even the one who was at fault. So annoying!!!!

So I didn't learn shit all from that fucking trainer again and he also left early.. didn't even finish my training with him So instead when he left my awesome trainer from my second shift trained me and I learnt last

I ought to make a list so I don't forget what to put in these burgers..

Don't know who my trainer will be next time but it better be someone good.. someone who is actually going to tech me ugh >:( And I still wanna quit. I just hope my work load for uni makes me have to quit. I'll try and stay with maccas for a while cause otherwise it may look bad on my resume... but I have the excuse of being a uni student anyway >> Who knows..

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