Saturday, 5 January 2013

Third day at Mcdonalds

So today was my third day training at Mcdonalds (and my trainer today was actually waiting for me in the crew room this time wtf) and today was also fun, no seriously!

So today my job was to be the initiator which basically is put the correct buns in the toaster and get the right box and your done. Easy sounding right? well....meh I need to remember which burger types need what buns and what colour the boxes (clams) are. -sigh- I think I need to go over some of this stuff. Oh and if its a 'special' burger you got to place this special receipt and sticker on the box to say what it is with/without (that's what make it so special lol) But now I think about it I really have nothing else to write about my shift today...

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