Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Learning to drive

As the average 16/17 I decided I wanted to learn how to drive, okay I mean I needed to learn anyway. Um can I just say driving in a big 4WD is harder than you think. I HATE, I repeat HATE parking in this car!!! Anyway this is more about me learning to drive with my instructor. Mind you, I had to pay $55 AUD for my lessons which were approx 50mins a lesson.

So my driving instructor is a little weird like okay not really, maybe, sorta, yes! REASONS WHY?

1. She comes late... most of the time.
Instructor: "Okay I book you for Thursday at 3pm? Is that okay?"
-comes 1 hr late-
Alright this is just annoying okay lady? I have things to do sometimes why?? D': And I cbb waiting too!

2. She's a little creepy sometimes... Sometimes she'll lift her leather boot up to rest on her other leg and stroke it oh so creepily ;) Okay so maybe it wasn't a leather boot.. I have to watch the road when I drive so yeah ahah. But no seriously she like lifts her foot up on her leg and like rubs it or touches it or something...

3. She's almost always in a call during my lesson.
Okay I accept that its for business or family issues but sometimes  she's like talking to one of her friends who is also an instructor, in her language and they're laughing and they're saying things and I don't know what she's saying ... Is she talking about me? Sometimes .. sometimes she even has arguments with her family members about something I don't know and is like oh that's just my ___ he keeps asking/talking/trying to do whatever.

EDIT: 4. Because high school graduates where I live have recently received their exam score and ATAR, she keeps telling me that "oh my son is doing a bridging course to get into uni to become an engineer" and I'm sitting there like lady, IDGAF stop telling me because I don't even know who he is!!

that's all I can think about, but I mean who else has a driving instructor like this? I just hope I can pass my test soon (when will you book my test lady? I am ace at reverse parallel parking... not so much forward, or the left behind thing...) because then I get freeeeddoooommm!! ...to drive hardly anywhere because I have hardly any friends -sad face- haha

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