Monday, 7 January 2013

Everyday work makeup

Just wanted to post about my everyday work makeup because, well, why not? XD

This is basically what I wear whenever I work at maccas (shit job I know), let me explain more about the products that are pictured above.

  • On the top right is what I use to lightly fill in my brows: The Face Shop brow something? I forget the name but its in the palette #1. I don't use the spooly and brush pictured anymore just because of how much product I pick up when I use it.
  • The eyelash curler on bottom right is from the famous brand Shu Uemura. LOVE LOVE this curler... accept I need a refill on the black thingy.
  • For my face I apply the Bare Minerals Original powder foundation in golden tan... this is 1 shade too dark for me. It makes me look like I only tanned my face and forgot about my body but I have to live with it because the lady that matched me had matched the wrong colour and the store was busy so I just bought it :( Anyway I just lightly dust it over my face to even out my skin tone.
  • The brown pencil is just a random brown eyeliner pencil from Designer Brands which I got free from the Perth Royal Show (always get free pencil liners from my show bags aha) I just use this to line my top and half of my bottom lash line lightly.
  • Lastly my mascara. My holy grail mascara! This is the best thing to happen to floppy, brittle, crappy lashes that require an artificial curl. This is the Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum' Express waterproof. I believe this is only available in Asia which is why I stocked up when I was over in Vietnam in 2011/12. This baby holds your curl all day and adds an extra little lift to the curl too.. an okay amount of volume but that's all I really want.
I think this is basically the routine I will go through for the rest of my working days. Even if its not at maccas (I must quit soon)

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