Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Happie Nuts August, September and October 2013!

Hi again

I'm still in love with Happie Nuts magazines and so I've purchased them again

I actually received the September and the October issue today! so the August issue is what I bought previously..

Here is the haul!

August 2013

This issue came with a mirror:
sorry for the bad lighting*
The mirror is cute and you can stand it up as well.

September 2013

The freebie for Sept is a pair of Rienda thongs:

My only complaint is that my feet (AU size 8/9) are too big haha . I think they would fit a 6/7... so I just gave them to my mum

October 2013

October's issue came with another Rienda product. This time it was a makeup bag:

It's very pretty but it's not that big. It's about 18cm in length and just under 10cm in width.

Little pockets present for brushes

 More small pockets for brushes or lipsticks etc.. and theres also a rectangular pocket on the back

Okay, so in case anyone was wondering I did order from Yesasia again and I managed to write down the important dates:

Ordered: 19/8/13
Shipped out: 23/8/13
Received: 4/9/13

The shipping time is pretty consistent whenever I order from Yesasia (I live in Western Australia)

Also, if anybody wants me to post pictures of random pages from inside the magazines then please do ask (for scans look up jmagazine scans on google) other than that thanks for reading!