Friday, 19 July 2013

Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown - Pinky Paradise Review

Hi, I'm on a roll today haha

I bought some lenses from Pinky Paradise recently.

I purchased the Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown circle lens. They are apparently 14.5mm .

Here are some images:

It comes safely packaged!


What they look like in the vials. Black outer ring with an almond brown ring inside.
The colour wasn't that noticeable on my darker eyes.

The free lens case I also received.

Just want to say that the design is pixelated. I did feel a little discomfort but I'm also getting paranoid I have stigma due to some of the other signs I disregard my opinion on comfort.

This is what it look like on one eye:

Sorry for the crap image...
 You can see how large it is... I don't know if this is really 14.5mm? But they looked alien like IRL on me.

Here's what they looked like with makeup on:

With makeup ... and my bf haha


Communication etc with Pinky Paradise: 5/5 - no issues
Price: 4/5 - shipping was approx $10 but it was still somewhat reasonable
Lens comfort: -/5 - I'm going to say this is not applicable for certain reasons
Enlargement: 3/5 - They were huge and alien looking on me. I didn't really like that
Design: 3.5/5 - Black ring, brown coloured ring inside. Natural looking & pixelated design

All in all, Pinky Paradise is a great online store to order lenses from with a large variety. But I will pick a smaller diameter next time haha.

Thank you for reading :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dolly wink #4 Feminine Style Review

Hi all!

These are some lashes I purchased a while ago.

They are the Dolly Wink #4 Feminine Style

Here are some images:

Quite cute and natural looking :)

Back of the packaging

Some instructions

What they look like out of packing. (The glue is okay if your wondering)

On my eyes with makeup. I think I should've positioned them differently

Overall, they were very comfortable and really pretty! Not dramatic and natural looking.

Definitely would recommend to anyone!!

Syndrome Storenvy Review!

Hi again!

A while back I purchased a wig from Syndrome store!

Sorry in advance, this review will be crap - I forget how long it took to ship out to me but it was within the predicted time and I also forget the price.

I know I paid $10 shipping for the wig but a long with the actual wig price it was a reaonable price all together.

Here are some photos...

The packaging it came in

This is what the wig came in. Sadly I have no idea what the image says so... yeah haha

This was the wig out of the package.

and this is me lol
Sometimes, depending on the lighting, in photos the wig looks purple/brown/silver/blonde-ish.

It was a little tangled when I took it out of the package but it was in good condition.

In short, there were no problems with shipping, the product or the communication. In fact, little communication was needed.

On another note, I don't really think the wig suits me all that well because I am tanned haha

Other than that, thanks for reading :)

Castle of Bows Storenvy Review

Hi :)

Sorry I have neglected blogger lately.
I guess I was lazy haha
I suppose I'll use this platform for reviews of anything I feel necessary.

Anyway on to the review.

Lately I've been browsing a lot of storenvy stores and have purchased a few things. In this review I will be reviewing some cute bows from a store called Castle of Bows.

This store ships from Australia which is advantageous for me as there were low shipping costs :D I paid for the products and shipping too.

Here are some photos of the order (sorry in advance for crappy room lighting):

Comes in little plastic packages. Mind you I was a complete idiot and I did not realise how big the blue bow was... It's huge!

Alligator clips that are removable

out of packaging. they are so cute!!

This is how big the 'smaller' bows are. I forgot to take a pic of the bigger one but you can say it is about 2x as big.

My overall experience with the store was good. No problems and no issues what so ever. Thus minimal contact was required. I also got a note along with the package ^^

The condition, sewing and look of the bows were brilliant there are also no problems there.

I would definitely recommend this store to anyone! here is the address again:

Thanks for reading!!