Thursday, 28 February 2013

Uni O-Week 2013

This week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) I attended O-week at my uni.

If anyone is ready this and wondering what the experience will be like for them when they start... well obviously experiences vary

Tuesday I came alone to Curtin for the very first time. It has also made me realise that I hate being independent wahhh I honestly wished my mum or dad was with me haha

Like any new student I got lost (I couldn't even find the bus station for 15 minutes -.-) So when I went into the lecture theatre for the Biomed orientation there were freakin a million people in there. So I sat next to a random and sorta made friends with her but god knows if I'll see her again. I'm surprised I got the courage to talk to anyone... and thats when I realised how introverted I was >>

We also had a tour around the campus areas that may be important to us. Made another friend sorta from my course yay! Then we had a sausage sizzle haha.

On Wednesday I went early to Curtin with my bf to get a blood test. which ended up giving me a bruise wtf   We also met up with his cousin who was a new graduate and he walked us around places and then they sat and ate at some cafe. I bought some books and saw my friend from school who apparently has 1 or 2 classes with me? There was also a unit orientation at 2pm with the other oral health students and made another friend yay! Wednesday was also the guild's O-Day celebration/event thing. We ended up with free drinks, chips and sausage sizzles!!! YAY to free food mofo ...and I also joined the A.S.I.A and M.S.U club for discounts lol oh and also the Anime club at Curtin :D

Thursday's orientation was off campus at the OHCWA. When I got there everyone was already there... seated so I stood like a loner, off to the side, playing subway surfer... I am the definition of a wallflower. Everyone seemed to have their cliques already :/ But when we got inside I was lucky to be able to stay in groups (when we split to meet our mentor) with the only 2 people I knew. We also met with the 2nd year students. Basically we got a campus tour from them and they also answered any questions we had. Ah, and also I won't even be attending Curtin uni anymore from 2nd year haha. I don't know if I even will get the chance to go there anymore after this year :S

So... basically I got lost at campus, joined some clubs, made a few friends but still know hardly anyone, bought some books, found out I need to get another one and got a blood test.

Overall orientation was sorta... full on especially with the effing hot weather!

I hope first week won't be too hard on me :/

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Happie Nuts 2013 January, February and March!

A few weeks ago I ordered some magazines from Yesasia.

I ordered 3 issues of Happie Nuts magazine: January, February and March 2013

Photo from my instagram

Because I ordered two or more Japanese items I got a free little capsule toy from Japan too.

Cute right?

January issue with emoda pouch:

Here is the February issue and the Gyda tote:

This was actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be.. 

see how small it is in comparison to the magazine?

The March edition with the Lip Service tote:

Tote in comparison to the size of the magazine

This tote was a lot more 'wearable'. I do wish they made the Gyda tote larger because it would've looked good.

I honestly love this magazine because the girls always have such gorgeous makeup and it features the type of style I'm interested in. Definitely will buy again.

Oh and if your wondering about Yesasia's service with magazine then you don't need to worry. The magazines always come in excellent condition (may have to do more than one shipment depending on amount of shipping units) but do be patient as the items will come within the free shipping time frame (Mon-Fri) which can take about 2-3 weeks (6-14 working days).

The April edition should be out by now and should also feature a Lip Service makeup case.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Little Caesars Perth

Yesterday I went out with my family to Sorrento Quay/Hillary's Boat Harbour.

We were initially going to have San Churros there but my cousin recommended a pizza shop called Little Caesars. Apparently it has the best pizza... according to her.

So we ordered the garlic bread, wedges and Portuguese chicken pizza.

If your about to order or are waiting for your order and wondering how long the wait is well... you have to be patient. I mean you'd expect wedges to be up and done by 5 minutes or so but... the garlic bread came first haha. Oh and the price.. don't expect your pizza to be as cheap as Dominos or Pizza Hut. Just saying...

Like I said the first thing to arrive was the garlic bread. It was just so... pretty?

The butter looking thing on the top of the bread pieces is like the garlic butter? But holy moly this was effing yummy!! Best garlic bread ever!

Next came the wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce.

Like any other wedges out there really. Yes, everything is freshly cooked in case you are wondering. Oh and the chilli sauce is actually quite chilli so be careful!

Then came the pizza: Portuguese Chicken

Chicken, mozzarella, onion, roasted red capsicum, peri peri sauce and parsley.

I just want to confirm now, it seems everything has parsley in it haha.

Aside from that this pizza was sooooooooooooo good. Better than Dominos. But the price $16/$21.50 (I think this is depending on the size)... is expensive but yeah it does sort of make it worth it. Btw the peri peri sauce is not as hot as the mild at nandos. Its not that 'peri peri'.

Did I mention there is free water??!!

Yep! Just grab some cups from the fridge and get a bottle from the bucket. More points to you Little C's!

If you have the time to go to Hillary's then this place is definitely worth a visit. They even have dessert pizzas!!

The address if anyone is wondering: 

221/58 Southside Dr
 Hillarys WA 6025
Open 7 days
11:30 am - 9:30 pm

Thursday, 7 February 2013

So I failed my driving test...

I just came back from my driving test... a very quick one at that and I failed :/

Big whoop but to my surprise it didn't really phase me.

The girl in the car next to mine was crying as I saw her assessor get out. I assume she failed. I feel sorry for her :( It must have been really important for her to pass...

There is the question of how I failed...

So at the roundabout there were a lot of cars coming through so I had to wait to be able to turn right... there were also cars coming on my right too -.-
So like anyone I wanted to be very careful and waited.. He said I waited too long to go and when I had the chance to I didn't. Yes, my mistake I know. Roundabouts are not my strengths.

Also turning in to this place... I didn't go in to the left and then turn :/ He told me to turn at a bus stop? My mistake again for not noticing but I thought it was just a practise round.

Honestly, whatever.

I'll try again next time and hopefully it will be early in the morning.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Pepper Lunch - Restaurant Perth

Recently I went out with my bf and saw the Pepper Lunch restaurant (a Japanese franchise) and wanted to try it out. During the time I was there it was 'happy hour' so there were certain meals on offer at this time.

I had the Cheese Hamburger with egg and the set (this set includes rice and miso or a drink).

What your supposed to do is cook/mix it to your liking. So you can add the rice in the mix the whole thing together or just mix whatever is in the bowl (plus the garlic or sweet sauce they have on the table) and eat it like that. Its so cool! Oh and the black bowl is actually like a heated plate so be careful! Thats how it keeps the food nice and warm and sorta cooked a little more too.

That's after mixing

Looks good right?

My bf ordered the Beef Pepper Rice. Looked sooo good:

See what I mean by cooking the food. Some items come semi raw (semi because the hot plate is cooking already).

Mix mix mix

It has instructions for Pepper Rice and on the other side Hamburger/Steak or Chicken (I forget) in case you don't know what to do. So Simple yet so clever!

In case your wondering about prices its quite cheap... I'd say the most expensive item is under $20 and the cheapest is under $10. So its quite worth it!

To anyone living in Perth wanting to know where this is its located at:

Shop G.5, 95 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000
Open: Sun-Thurs (and Public Holidays) 11am - 9pm
Fri-Sat 11am - 10pm

or visit (which has a sort of different menu and doesn't show a Perth store)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gyaru Make Up

Recently I've been getting into the 'gyaru' scene and have been interested in the makeup style and fashion etc..

Atm my favourite magazine is Happie Nuts (onee-san gyaru actually). I really like how the models do their makeup and how they dress. They are all sooo pretty right? thinspo

Anyway the other day I went to watch Silver Linings Playbook (which is an amazing movie btw) and tried out gyaru makeup. Here is my attempt:

I think it looks okay (no lenses btw so have to cope with that for a while :P)

Closeup of eye make

Here is another pic of the products I used in case anyone is curious:

Pictured above is the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, Maybelline One by One mascara, Lacvert Essance Blush, Bare Minerals foundation, The Face Shop eyebrow cake, Models Prefer eyebrow pencil and Designer Brands brown eyeliner.

You can't really see my eyeshadow in the closeup photo but all I used was 'bootycall' from NP2 for inner corner shimmer and used a bit of 'tease' on the crease.

Also the eyelashes I used were the Ardell Wispies and these random ones I got from Vietnam with no volume and basically wasn't that noticeable anyway. I also put mascara on the falsies to thicken them a bit (dw I know I shouldn't have but I was going to throw them away after this).

Hopefully I can improve and get better at gyaru makeup soon. :)

Nail Rock Nail Stickers Review

I bought these nail stickers a long time ago and just haven't bothered using them until recently.

For anyone who is wondering I bought these at Dangerfield.

In my kit I got the money + moustache images on the nail stickers.

It comes with 16 nail stickers... so really it is like any other nail sticker kit where you pick and match to your nail shape but this one has no real indication of which finger the nail stickers should go on. Its more like 'hey if it fits then that's where you can stick it'.

Here is the rest of the things included in the pack:

It includes a nail file, instruction booklet that has many other languages besides English inside and a nail preparation wipe or acetone wipe.

And how might you do your nails with this kit?


-Just wipe each nail with the wipe (beware if you don't know what acetone smells like then its like a strong smell of nail polish remover whoa!)
-Select the right size nail sticker for each nail
-Stick and file off the excess (beware of air bubbles and folding of the sticker)
And your done!

Here is an image of how mine turned out (mind you I'm not too good at applying nail stickers anymore so yeah haha)

It didn't match too much but overall the nail stickers and kit were useful and of very good quality. I would definitely recommend and repurchase this brand again.