Saturday, 19 January 2013

I was able to get my last days off...

So today was supposed to be my 3rd last day at work... turns out it was my last. This is because like the title says I was able to get the last two days of work off.

Although... I have to go and return my uniform after I washed it which is okay I guess :/

Today for my training was more like your-semi-on-your-own-day. I was sorta like an independent worker for the most of it. Had this one ask me why I was leaving... said it was cause of family dad side of the family and all... well that excuse is half true for some of the family problems in my life but that's for another day.

It was overall a good way to leave the last day of work.. I had basically gotten the hang of everything sorta.. aha

I actually saw one of my managers as I was coming out of the cinema today... awks lol

Beside that I just hope that I get chosen for the Peter Alexander part-time vacancy and sort out my uni stuff asap.

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