Monday, 31 December 2012

First day at McDonalds

Okay today (31/12/12) is the day I start working for McDonalds and also the first day of my job experience... ever!
I felt like doing 'diary' entries on how it goes for me and my overall experience up until I decide to quit.

Firstly can I say it took the hiring lady 3 weeks to call me back, in fact I didn't get a call as she said, I had to check online constantly to see if I was even rostered.

SO my first shift is today (3hrs) and note I have a few school friends working there already so I am intimidated as hell haha. YES, I am that type of person who gets easily intimidated in new and unknown situations and I am also crazy nervous. Like, I don't want to go into work and be like "hey, today is my first day working here and i haven't received my uniform yet and I was told to speak to _____ or _____ about it?" Actually that is exactly what i have to say because I don't have a uniform yet D:

Anyway on with my first day....
I got there and asked for the manager and basically said what I wrote above. Got inside the crew room to get given a uniform to find there were no more girls pants in my size... i have to wear boys pants from now until they get more. Also no hair nets left for me and aprons...

I met my crew trainer (she told me she had been working there for 6 fucking years OMG) and first we worked on the modules on metime for the back area - frying stuff.

Basically what I did for the on-floor stuff was doing the frying for things like chicken and fish and also apple pies and how and also when to check if i need more (which I have sort of forgotten haha). I also was shown how to wash the trays (which can get damn hot sometimes) and clean the floors with this massive blue floor cleaner machine thingy which was super embarrassing to do lol

Then basically was tested on the tests which I failed like twice but thats okay I was allowed to do them again  (hate their modules btw).

Overall I did not like the idea of working here. Yes, the training was good (except I completely forgot to ask what to do when I arrive again for my second shift...guess I'll just sit and wait in the crew room), the experience of learning was also good except yeah I didn't want to work in the back. This is what makes me want to quit ASAP

If you like putting things in fryers, waiting for the beepers, taking them out, emptying them into the trays, putting them into the UHC things, checking them constantly to see if you think you need more, cleaning the floors around you, wiping areas around you and also being the awkward newbie like me then you are welcome to take my job. Well I'll see how it goes and stick it out for 6-7 months maybe more then quit. I honestly don't see myself working here for 6 years

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