Monday, 21 January 2013

Lush Bath Bombs

Back during boxing day I took advantage of the Lush sale down in the city and bought a few bath bombs (and one bath melt) at half price. Below is my overview of them:

1) Tisty Tosty - this gave a scent to the bath with no colour but it also had a few rose buds.

2) Party Popper - This was nice (I forgot the colour it changed the bath to... maybe purple? or just blue?) I definitely heard popping candy in this

3) Cinders - Turned water an ugly piss yellow colour lol not very enjoyable haha

4) Big Blue - turned water blue with some seaweed particles in it

5) I have no idea what this was called nor do I want to remember. This was a bath melt and it smelt weird to me (all the bath ballistics smelt nice) and I just can't be bothered waiting for the product to melt/dissolve bleh. Will not repurchase. 

I also actually purchased another bath melt which ended up melting in my bathroom due to the insanely hot weather on boxing day here in Australia. I don't know what it was called but it came in 3 triangular pieces for use... smelt okay but not really on my body. It did turn the water a milky pink though :D

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