Saturday, 19 January 2013

Quitting my first job

Basically my thoughts about quitting work and how I did it. (Lengthy post - scroll down for tl;dr if you Cbb)

This is my plan (11/1/13) I am training as of this moment my original plan to quit was in late February or early March. I did a bit of research and I think I have to write a resignation letter saying why and effective as of a certain date... I didn't learn how to do this in career and enterprise -sad face- haha. Even as I was telling my driving instructor she sounded supportive of it. She was telling me how her daughter used to work at McDonalds but eventually quit. I think for me 'personal reasons' would be enough. Because well I feel absolute crap after coming home sometimes and I honestly don't think I want to continue. I'm not suited for the food/fast food industry. At first I even said to myself I will NEVER EVER want to work at McDonald's then... I got a job there haha (such a hypocrite)

After thinking about it for a while I've decided to go to my next shift and see how it is before I want to call up and ask about quitting. In fact I know I will quit. I'm just fed up with working there. It's not for me.

I was having second thoughts today but after doing my shift my need for quitting was fully reinforced again. I even dreaded having to tell my parents about wanting to quit. Well what happened when I told them was opposite to what I thought would happen - in my head dad would get upset and mum would be understanding. Heeeeellll to the noooo. Dad was 100% supportive of my decision even helping to figure out excuses... mum on the other hand was being a bit iffy about the whole situation. She kept saying to me "do you know how hard it is to find a job... don't quit because your are you going to get money now...just wait until uni". I have to do the deed tomorrow omg.

I'm so nervous about making the call to quit I mean I've only worked 6 shifts at mcdonalds lol. I know that I have to make sure I tell I enjoyed my employment there while it lasted (I'm not going to eat McDonalds ever again anyway so I won't see their faces again) and that I had no choice but to terminate my employment asap. I mean I am on my probationary period still anyway so it shouldn't matter if I give notice right because they could fire me on the spot without a reason anyway. Oh no I really don't want to make the call because I don't know how it will go. I'm going to make it at 1:30-2:00pm. OMFG

So I ended up calling them a bit later and let me tell you it was the most nerve racking and hardest thing to do in my life. My voice so shaky and I felt so bad for asking to quit afterwards. Still do a little. I was told I had to give the 2 week notice and hand my resignation letter into this guy which I will do at the end of my shift. I still have to work until my last rostered day though which means I have 5 more 3 hour shifts to go through but the last shift is not training and i still don't know how to make some burger -not excited- lets see how it goes at work tomorrow though.

My god I kept trying to ignore the guy I was actually supposed to give the resignation letter to and eventually he fucking left like 30 mins before I was supposed to finish and give him my letter so I had to speak to another manager and tell her the situation. (longest sentence ever lol) Although I was so incredibly nervous about having to go to work though at least its done and over with now. But crap I forgot to ask about what to do with my uniform... oh well

(19/1/13) -last shift
In actual fact the 22nd is supposed to be my last shift but I was able to get my last two days off. All I had to do was return my uniform sometime soon after washing it. In the end my last day wasn't too bad. I experienced a feeling of independence I hadn't really felt before and it was good... It was indeed a good way to leave my first job


Mcdonalds overall as a job to get money quick or for whatever reason you need it for is good. You definitely learn those 'skills' that everyone talks about. Although in my opinion those 'skills' are a little different for everyone. For me in was independence, improving my communication skills, listening, cooperation and teamwork. It was an okay experience however not something I would advise everyone to do... Quitting is only a good idea if you seriously think it through and 100% know you will be okay with it with no regrets. It was hard to tell the managers I quit but trust me they are understanding whatever your reason and make sure its not anything to do with the place itself.

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