Monday, 30 December 2013

My 2014 Resolutions!!

It's 31/12/13.. frick another year has come to an end and another year that i'm having to face the adult world.

I'm writing my 2014 resolutions as I'm watching a korean drama (I've neglected watching most kdramas for so long ...) 

Anyway here are my 2014 resolutions:

1. Become fitter, healthier and lose weight... again lol 

2. Get a job, honestly idc but not maccas again. Keep it this time!

3. Try and volunteer for things for experience

4. Save enough money to possibly go on holiday with my bf

Now, what about my resolutions from last year, did I fulfill any of them?

1. Lose Weight - Yes! I actually did. I gained a few kilos and eventually halfway through the year I got sick of it and lost some weight. I'm still trying to but in a more healthier way. Motivation to go hard at the gym is lacking though lol

2. Make at least one or two new friends - I did this too! I went out of my comfort zone and branched to making more friends. Now just to want to go out more haha I'm such a homebody.

3. Create a unique blog design alone - I did not do this. I got lazy... and couldn't be bothered haha

4. Save up $1000 cash (only from money earned at work or things like bday money) by the end of the year - I could have finished this if I didn't take some of the cash out because I was running out of money :/

5. Lastly, possibly gain more readers and followers on blogger - I did in fact gain more followers on here. Although it is just a few, I am thankful :)

Okay enough of this, thanks for reading
Have a happy new year!!!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Brave Storenvy Review!

Omg this post is long overdue. I actually ordered from the store so long ago but anyway

I ordered a shirt from a store on storenvy - Brave!

Here is the packaging it came in first of all:

um.. yeah idk what happened, why is this photo not rotated

Indeed I do

Plastic baggy the shirt I ordered came in ^

So I'm assuming the supplier has an ebay store?

This is the actual shirt I ordered:

And thats what it looks like on:

On to the actual review:

The Product
I have nothing bad to say. It was in good condition and it fit well.
To rate it out of five I'd give it 5/5

The Store
First of all I had no issues at all with Brave store and everything was good. Understandably the product came from the supplier and so the shipping time was a little longer but it came in time and again I had no issues.

I live in Western Australia and the product definitely came within the estimated shipping dates which can be seen here. Again a 5/5 rating for the store. I would definitely recommend this store to people.

Ok, thats all for the review, 

Thanks for reading!

Etude House x Disney | xoxo Minnie - Minnie Up Lash #01 Review

Hello, I'm doing another review because I finally have time to update my blog lel

Anyway, today I'm reviewing the Etude House x Disney | xoxo Minnie - Upper Lashes #01 (which is the black eyelashes)

I didn't bother getting the bottom ones cause I don't like wearing bottom lashes. I'll talk about where I bought later on in the post. 

Here is the product photo:
Very cute packaging

These are the actual lashes and the glue that came with it:

Pretty obvious how natural looking they are lol. They are voluminous but they are good enough for anyone who wears lashes everyday and wants them looking natural.

I used the glue that came with it also and to my surprise it was freakin awesome. Better than my dollywink lash glue!! 

I mean I don't usually use the glue that comes with lashes cause sometimes they are crap but wow it was good. It lasted pretty much all day and it dries clear which is even better!

So here is what they actually look like on my eye:

The Verdict
Okay so the lashes are a definite 5/5 - very good, very comfortable to wear and just yes! lol
They do have a bit of a blackish brown colour so just take note.
Glue was friggin amazing also!

Where I Bought It
Now, the place I bought them was BeautyNetKorea!! This is now my go to online store for cheap Korean cosmetics.
Here's the awesome thing: FREE SHIPPING worldwide and FREE SAMPLES!!
I'm all about free samples! As for the shipping time well I ordered from both their website and their ebay (same username as the website name - beautynetkorea) and both products arrived within the estimated arrival date and both came with samples. 

I'm officially in love with this store. And no this is in no way an ad or sponsorship lol 
But seriously this store is so cool! If I had to rate it I would give is an 11/10. Why 11? Because it goes that extra with free shipping and samples.

Anyway thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Happie Nuts August, September and October 2013!

Hi again

I'm still in love with Happie Nuts magazines and so I've purchased them again

I actually received the September and the October issue today! so the August issue is what I bought previously..

Here is the haul!

August 2013

This issue came with a mirror:
sorry for the bad lighting*
The mirror is cute and you can stand it up as well.

September 2013

The freebie for Sept is a pair of Rienda thongs:

My only complaint is that my feet (AU size 8/9) are too big haha . I think they would fit a 6/7... so I just gave them to my mum

October 2013

October's issue came with another Rienda product. This time it was a makeup bag:

It's very pretty but it's not that big. It's about 18cm in length and just under 10cm in width.

Little pockets present for brushes

 More small pockets for brushes or lipsticks etc.. and theres also a rectangular pocket on the back

Okay, so in case anyone was wondering I did order from Yesasia again and I managed to write down the important dates:

Ordered: 19/8/13
Shipped out: 23/8/13
Received: 4/9/13

The shipping time is pretty consistent whenever I order from Yesasia (I live in Western Australia)

Also, if anybody wants me to post pictures of random pages from inside the magazines then please do ask (for scans look up jmagazine scans on google) other than that thanks for reading!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bellabox August 2013

Hi guys!

I have finally subscribed to bellabox and lust have it. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what these are right now. Anyway this is my first bellabox!! Here it is:

my august bellabox...and crap in the background
This month's theme was 'Get Active'.  

Now for the individual products:

  • Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser - 5mL sample ($2.23 approx.) / Original : 150mL ($67.00)
Product Card Description: To remove impurities, dead cells and improve the texture of the skin you need to enlist a great cleanser. Pevonia's Gentle Exfoliating Cleaner contains Jojoba Beads, Saponaria and Chamomile for a naturally based formula that will gently refine and smoothen your skin, giving way for a cleaner and healthier complexion.

I tried this out yesterday... Not sure if I would actually keep using it. I mean it's a product that I would use every now and again but I feel like it would eff up my skin care routine atm. It's not really a gentle exfoliator either, it's more mild imo.

  •  Griffin + Row Enrich Moisturiser - 75mL Full Size ($38.50)
Product Card Description: Sensitive skinned lasses can have a hard time seeking the right skincare, which is why this day and night antioxidant cream is perfect - one less product to find! Rich and luxurious and containing a powerful natural plant extract formula, quench the thirst of dry and damaged skin for plumper, smoother and incredibly nourished skin. 

I like this product, I really do! The scent smells like strange face creams that my mum has haha but other than that it is really moisturising! 

  • Ultraceuticals Ultra CC Cream Mineral Tint (Light) SPF 30 - 5mL sample ($5.90) / Original : 50mL ($59.00) 
Product Card Description: Providing coverage whilst brightening and protecting skin, this is the cc cream to have with you on the go. Unique B2 Hydrating Technology (Vitamin B5 & B3, Hyaluronic Acid) infused with Broad Spectrum SPF30 also makes it a great choice for 'active' makeup to be worn in the elements! 

This is in the light shade.... which is not my shade so I gave it to my mum. She says its pretty good but other than that, I have nothing else to say about it.

  • ModelCo Cheek and Lip Tint (Rosy Red) - 5mL sample ($12.00) / Original : 10mL ($24.00)
Product Card Description: Get the perfect "natural" and healthy glow, without taking two weeks annual leave to achieve it! This red tinted colour is as equally perfect on your cheeks as it is on your lips. It's the perfect natural colour for any occasion. 

This product is really good! I will definitely use it for uni. It has a jelly like consistency and the colour is so pretty. Excellent for cheeks and lips.

  • L'oreal Base Magique Primer - 5mL sample ($9.98 approx.) / Original : 15mL ($29.95)
Product Card Description: This amazing primer instantly smoothes pores and fine lines to create an even surface, so that you get a more flawless make-up result that lasts and lasts - even during the most active of days! The light, mousse-like formula blends beautifully whilst the inclusion of soft powders help to absorb sebum, thereby mattifying the skin to reduce shine. 

Another like! I actually feel like this is better than the Benefit pore primer. I works well on top of makeup and underneath it! 

  • Banana Boat Mineral Protect Sensitive SPF 30 - 120g Full size ($15.75) 
Product Card Description: Specially formulated to provide the protection you need without chemical sunscreen actives. This broad spectrum lotion contains naturally sourced zinc that forms a protective layer on skin to reflect UVA and UVB rays. It rubs clear, and is water resistant for 4 hours and mild and gentle, so it's perfect for all skin - even sensitive - and will protect your during your most active days. 

I am happy that I received the sunscreen because that means that I don't need to buy any when I go on holiday in December haha but yeah definitely going to use this one.

  • Swisse Recover Protein Bar (Choc, Banana and Cinnamon) - 30g Full Product ($2.95)
Product Card Description: Made with premium quality ingredients, including protein for muscle recovery, low carbohydrates, fats and sugars, these delish protein bars are back at bb. Try the Choc Banana Cinnamon flavour for a guilt-free post workout snack.

The only thing I have to say about this is that it tastes weird D: 

The overall price of the products were $85.00, yeah it definitely paid for the $15.00 fee of the box. I definitely liked this box (an especially great first box too), I will probably continue my subscription for a while and see how it goes. wow there were so many typos in the product info card!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown - Pinky Paradise Review

Hi, I'm on a roll today haha

I bought some lenses from Pinky Paradise recently.

I purchased the Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown circle lens. They are apparently 14.5mm .

Here are some images:

It comes safely packaged!


What they look like in the vials. Black outer ring with an almond brown ring inside.
The colour wasn't that noticeable on my darker eyes.

The free lens case I also received.

Just want to say that the design is pixelated. I did feel a little discomfort but I'm also getting paranoid I have stigma due to some of the other signs I disregard my opinion on comfort.

This is what it look like on one eye:

Sorry for the crap image...
 You can see how large it is... I don't know if this is really 14.5mm? But they looked alien like IRL on me.

Here's what they looked like with makeup on:

With makeup ... and my bf haha


Communication etc with Pinky Paradise: 5/5 - no issues
Price: 4/5 - shipping was approx $10 but it was still somewhat reasonable
Lens comfort: -/5 - I'm going to say this is not applicable for certain reasons
Enlargement: 3/5 - They were huge and alien looking on me. I didn't really like that
Design: 3.5/5 - Black ring, brown coloured ring inside. Natural looking & pixelated design

All in all, Pinky Paradise is a great online store to order lenses from with a large variety. But I will pick a smaller diameter next time haha.

Thank you for reading :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dolly wink #4 Feminine Style Review

Hi all!

These are some lashes I purchased a while ago.

They are the Dolly Wink #4 Feminine Style

Here are some images:

Quite cute and natural looking :)

Back of the packaging

Some instructions

What they look like out of packing. (The glue is okay if your wondering)

On my eyes with makeup. I think I should've positioned them differently

Overall, they were very comfortable and really pretty! Not dramatic and natural looking.

Definitely would recommend to anyone!!

Syndrome Storenvy Review!

Hi again!

A while back I purchased a wig from Syndrome store!

Sorry in advance, this review will be crap - I forget how long it took to ship out to me but it was within the predicted time and I also forget the price.

I know I paid $10 shipping for the wig but a long with the actual wig price it was a reaonable price all together.

Here are some photos...

The packaging it came in

This is what the wig came in. Sadly I have no idea what the image says so... yeah haha

This was the wig out of the package.

and this is me lol
Sometimes, depending on the lighting, in photos the wig looks purple/brown/silver/blonde-ish.

It was a little tangled when I took it out of the package but it was in good condition.

In short, there were no problems with shipping, the product or the communication. In fact, little communication was needed.

On another note, I don't really think the wig suits me all that well because I am tanned haha

Other than that, thanks for reading :)

Castle of Bows Storenvy Review

Hi :)

Sorry I have neglected blogger lately.
I guess I was lazy haha
I suppose I'll use this platform for reviews of anything I feel necessary.

Anyway on to the review.

Lately I've been browsing a lot of storenvy stores and have purchased a few things. In this review I will be reviewing some cute bows from a store called Castle of Bows.

This store ships from Australia which is advantageous for me as there were low shipping costs :D I paid for the products and shipping too.

Here are some photos of the order (sorry in advance for crappy room lighting):

Comes in little plastic packages. Mind you I was a complete idiot and I did not realise how big the blue bow was... It's huge!

Alligator clips that are removable

out of packaging. they are so cute!!

This is how big the 'smaller' bows are. I forgot to take a pic of the bigger one but you can say it is about 2x as big.

My overall experience with the store was good. No problems and no issues what so ever. Thus minimal contact was required. I also got a note along with the package ^^

The condition, sewing and look of the bows were brilliant there are also no problems there.

I would definitely recommend this store to anyone! here is the address again:

Thanks for reading!!