Monday, 21 January 2013

Lush Bath Bombs

Back during boxing day I took advantage of the Lush sale down in the city and bought a few bath bombs (and one bath melt) at half price. Below is my overview of them:

1) Tisty Tosty - this gave a scent to the bath with no colour but it also had a few rose buds.

2) Party Popper - This was nice (I forgot the colour it changed the bath to... maybe purple? or just blue?) I definitely heard popping candy in this

3) Cinders - Turned water an ugly piss yellow colour lol not very enjoyable haha

4) Big Blue - turned water blue with some seaweed particles in it

5) I have no idea what this was called nor do I want to remember. This was a bath melt and it smelt weird to me (all the bath ballistics smelt nice) and I just can't be bothered waiting for the product to melt/dissolve bleh. Will not repurchase. 

I also actually purchased another bath melt which ended up melting in my bathroom due to the insanely hot weather on boxing day here in Australia. I don't know what it was called but it came in 3 triangular pieces for use... smelt okay but not really on my body. It did turn the water a milky pink though :D

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Quitting my first job

Basically my thoughts about quitting work and how I did it. (Lengthy post - scroll down for tl;dr if you Cbb)

This is my plan (11/1/13) I am training as of this moment my original plan to quit was in late February or early March. I did a bit of research and I think I have to write a resignation letter saying why and effective as of a certain date... I didn't learn how to do this in career and enterprise -sad face- haha. Even as I was telling my driving instructor she sounded supportive of it. She was telling me how her daughter used to work at McDonalds but eventually quit. I think for me 'personal reasons' would be enough. Because well I feel absolute crap after coming home sometimes and I honestly don't think I want to continue. I'm not suited for the food/fast food industry. At first I even said to myself I will NEVER EVER want to work at McDonald's then... I got a job there haha (such a hypocrite)

After thinking about it for a while I've decided to go to my next shift and see how it is before I want to call up and ask about quitting. In fact I know I will quit. I'm just fed up with working there. It's not for me.

I was having second thoughts today but after doing my shift my need for quitting was fully reinforced again. I even dreaded having to tell my parents about wanting to quit. Well what happened when I told them was opposite to what I thought would happen - in my head dad would get upset and mum would be understanding. Heeeeellll to the noooo. Dad was 100% supportive of my decision even helping to figure out excuses... mum on the other hand was being a bit iffy about the whole situation. She kept saying to me "do you know how hard it is to find a job... don't quit because your are you going to get money now...just wait until uni". I have to do the deed tomorrow omg.

I'm so nervous about making the call to quit I mean I've only worked 6 shifts at mcdonalds lol. I know that I have to make sure I tell I enjoyed my employment there while it lasted (I'm not going to eat McDonalds ever again anyway so I won't see their faces again) and that I had no choice but to terminate my employment asap. I mean I am on my probationary period still anyway so it shouldn't matter if I give notice right because they could fire me on the spot without a reason anyway. Oh no I really don't want to make the call because I don't know how it will go. I'm going to make it at 1:30-2:00pm. OMFG

So I ended up calling them a bit later and let me tell you it was the most nerve racking and hardest thing to do in my life. My voice so shaky and I felt so bad for asking to quit afterwards. Still do a little. I was told I had to give the 2 week notice and hand my resignation letter into this guy which I will do at the end of my shift. I still have to work until my last rostered day though which means I have 5 more 3 hour shifts to go through but the last shift is not training and i still don't know how to make some burger -not excited- lets see how it goes at work tomorrow though.

My god I kept trying to ignore the guy I was actually supposed to give the resignation letter to and eventually he fucking left like 30 mins before I was supposed to finish and give him my letter so I had to speak to another manager and tell her the situation. (longest sentence ever lol) Although I was so incredibly nervous about having to go to work though at least its done and over with now. But crap I forgot to ask about what to do with my uniform... oh well

(19/1/13) -last shift
In actual fact the 22nd is supposed to be my last shift but I was able to get my last two days off. All I had to do was return my uniform sometime soon after washing it. In the end my last day wasn't too bad. I experienced a feeling of independence I hadn't really felt before and it was good... It was indeed a good way to leave my first job


Mcdonalds overall as a job to get money quick or for whatever reason you need it for is good. You definitely learn those 'skills' that everyone talks about. Although in my opinion those 'skills' are a little different for everyone. For me in was independence, improving my communication skills, listening, cooperation and teamwork. It was an okay experience however not something I would advise everyone to do... Quitting is only a good idea if you seriously think it through and 100% know you will be okay with it with no regrets. It was hard to tell the managers I quit but trust me they are understanding whatever your reason and make sure its not anything to do with the place itself.

I was able to get my last days off...

So today was supposed to be my 3rd last day at work... turns out it was my last. This is because like the title says I was able to get the last two days of work off.

Although... I have to go and return my uniform after I washed it which is okay I guess :/

Today for my training was more like your-semi-on-your-own-day. I was sorta like an independent worker for the most of it. Had this one ask me why I was leaving... said it was cause of family dad side of the family and all... well that excuse is half true for some of the family problems in my life but that's for another day.

It was overall a good way to leave the last day of work.. I had basically gotten the hang of everything sorta.. aha

I actually saw one of my managers as I was coming out of the cinema today... awks lol

Beside that I just hope that I get chosen for the Peter Alexander part-time vacancy and sort out my uni stuff asap.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

work was actually...

yes, I will admit it was actually good today. Actually fun and made me kinda wish I didn't resign...

I had the trainer I had on my very first day and it was pretty okay. I did assembling again so yeah it was okay I guess. I am incredibly slow at making burgers though hahah

I also go a free set of awesome headphones from my manager for some reason... WINNING lol

(will insert picture another time)


Monday, 14 January 2013

1 down 4 to go

And I did assembling again... with that crappy trainer... but i learnt somethings :)
But I for some reason kept trying to avoid the guy I was supposed to talk to about resigning.. ugh so awkward. But you know what on my training modules I was supposed to do breakfast stuff and obviously I can't do that now so then when will I do it. My shifts are all afternoon shifts

Omg my trainer was saying to one of the other workers that he has X amount of days until he can have legal sex.. what??? why are you saying that out loud again? umm is something wrong with you? you don't say that type of thing in a work place and also he kept leaving me alone by myself... uhh hey man train me? I have officially realized that I do not work well or fast enough when there are like 100 orders coming through wtf

Still a little shite head but he was a little more tolerable. So I now have 4 shifts to go until I officially resign. I didn't receive any rosters today so I guess that means the message got through. How will my eighth shift go?

Saturday, 12 January 2013

sixth day at mcdonalds

It was a good-ish shift. I had that trainer I had on my third shift again. Thank god it was someone better. Oh and I did assembling again wtf. I still want to quit despite having second thoughts about it after my shift but I did apply for some awesome retail stores so lets hope they get back soon before I start uni... otherwise my availability will change.

I still want to quit though and will be doing it today (I'm writing this the day after my shift) but I also have a shift tomorrow. Hopefully my reason for quitting will be valid enough (I mean they have to understand it right) that I just go in to work and return my uniform tomorrow because I dred coming back... I will talk more about quitting here.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fifth day at McDonalds

I just wrote this post but accidentally deleted it -.- so here I go again...

Today guess what? I had that trainer I had on my fourth shift and didn't do the modules again haha no surprise there. He said to me that I'm doing it next shift.. when?? I'm supposed to be moving on to a different station next time -.-

Also incredibly annoyed at this bitch of a manager who fucking clocked me off so I had to clock on. Just tell me that I did wrong don't clock me off to have to need authorisation again wtf. Ugh and she blamed me for this mistake where the burger was wrong way round in the box but I wasn't even the one who was at fault. So annoying!!!!

So I didn't learn shit all from that fucking trainer again and he also left early.. didn't even finish my training with him So instead when he left my awesome trainer from my second shift trained me and I learnt last

I ought to make a list so I don't forget what to put in these burgers..

Don't know who my trainer will be next time but it better be someone good.. someone who is actually going to tech me ugh >:( And I still wanna quit. I just hope my work load for uni makes me have to quit. I'll try and stay with maccas for a while cause otherwise it may look bad on my resume... but I have the excuse of being a uni student anyway >> Who knows..

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Learning to drive

As the average 16/17 I decided I wanted to learn how to drive, okay I mean I needed to learn anyway. Um can I just say driving in a big 4WD is harder than you think. I HATE, I repeat HATE parking in this car!!! Anyway this is more about me learning to drive with my instructor. Mind you, I had to pay $55 AUD for my lessons which were approx 50mins a lesson.

So my driving instructor is a little weird like okay not really, maybe, sorta, yes! REASONS WHY?

1. She comes late... most of the time.
Instructor: "Okay I book you for Thursday at 3pm? Is that okay?"
-comes 1 hr late-
Alright this is just annoying okay lady? I have things to do sometimes why?? D': And I cbb waiting too!

2. She's a little creepy sometimes... Sometimes she'll lift her leather boot up to rest on her other leg and stroke it oh so creepily ;) Okay so maybe it wasn't a leather boot.. I have to watch the road when I drive so yeah ahah. But no seriously she like lifts her foot up on her leg and like rubs it or touches it or something...

3. She's almost always in a call during my lesson.
Okay I accept that its for business or family issues but sometimes  she's like talking to one of her friends who is also an instructor, in her language and they're laughing and they're saying things and I don't know what she's saying ... Is she talking about me? Sometimes .. sometimes she even has arguments with her family members about something I don't know and is like oh that's just my ___ he keeps asking/talking/trying to do whatever.

EDIT: 4. Because high school graduates where I live have recently received their exam score and ATAR, she keeps telling me that "oh my son is doing a bridging course to get into uni to become an engineer" and I'm sitting there like lady, IDGAF stop telling me because I don't even know who he is!!

that's all I can think about, but I mean who else has a driving instructor like this? I just hope I can pass my test soon (when will you book my test lady? I am ace at reverse parallel parking... not so much forward, or the left behind thing...) because then I get freeeeddoooommm!! drive hardly anywhere because I have hardly any friends -sad face- haha

Monday, 7 January 2013

Everyday work makeup

Just wanted to post about my everyday work makeup because, well, why not? XD

This is basically what I wear whenever I work at maccas (shit job I know), let me explain more about the products that are pictured above.

  • On the top right is what I use to lightly fill in my brows: The Face Shop brow something? I forget the name but its in the palette #1. I don't use the spooly and brush pictured anymore just because of how much product I pick up when I use it.
  • The eyelash curler on bottom right is from the famous brand Shu Uemura. LOVE LOVE this curler... accept I need a refill on the black thingy.
  • For my face I apply the Bare Minerals Original powder foundation in golden tan... this is 1 shade too dark for me. It makes me look like I only tanned my face and forgot about my body but I have to live with it because the lady that matched me had matched the wrong colour and the store was busy so I just bought it :( Anyway I just lightly dust it over my face to even out my skin tone.
  • The brown pencil is just a random brown eyeliner pencil from Designer Brands which I got free from the Perth Royal Show (always get free pencil liners from my show bags aha) I just use this to line my top and half of my bottom lash line lightly.
  • Lastly my mascara. My holy grail mascara! This is the best thing to happen to floppy, brittle, crappy lashes that require an artificial curl. This is the Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum' Express waterproof. I believe this is only available in Asia which is why I stocked up when I was over in Vietnam in 2011/12. This baby holds your curl all day and adds an extra little lift to the curl too.. an okay amount of volume but that's all I really want.
I think this is basically the routine I will go through for the rest of my working days. Even if its not at maccas (I must quit soon)

Fourth day training at Mcdonalds

Ugh. utter Ugh! Today as the title states was my fourth day training at McDonalds. The place where I work is still fucking hot but better yet or worse my training today was crap. I didn't know it but my trainer was younger than me.. try still in high school younger than me. And really didn't have me do much today -.-

You know as usual I go and do my modules until the end. (Oh I was actually supposed to make the burgers today btw) Buuuuuuutttt today he said you don't have to do it all because we're going to the back to do it. I only learnt how to really make a few burger and only remember a cheese burger and maybe a McChicken?

The rest of the time on the floor I was waiting around doing shit all and silent as fuck like I usually am (I need to try and be less quiet -.-). The trainer basically socialised and did other jobs while he was meant to be training me. Fucking worst training ever ... yet aha

At least my previous trainer was there and he remembered my name and asked me if I wanted water...

At the end of the shift he didn't do the proper SOC things like my trainer on my third shift. He just did the grilling thing :(

I'm starting to think I'll change my blogger into more of an online diary or journal type thing where I will post my diary stuff like I do now and also whatever else I want whenever I want.

EDIT: Thank you trainer for reinforcing my idea to quit at the end of the year :)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Third day at Mcdonalds

So today was my third day training at Mcdonalds (and my trainer today was actually waiting for me in the crew room this time wtf) and today was also fun, no seriously!

So today my job was to be the initiator which basically is put the correct buns in the toaster and get the right box and your done. Easy sounding right? well....meh I need to remember which burger types need what buns and what colour the boxes (clams) are. -sigh- I think I need to go over some of this stuff. Oh and if its a 'special' burger you got to place this special receipt and sticker on the box to say what it is with/without (that's what make it so special lol) But now I think about it I really have nothing else to write about my shift today...

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Second day at maccas

Today was my second day/shift working at maccas and can I just say I actually absolutely loved it today!! Wtf right? I mean I said I didn't like it last time but truly I loved it today. (I am trying the mobile blogger app right now btw)

Today I was cooking the patties and effing loved it! It was so fun, mainly because of the fact that I was absolutely AMAZING at it. (well that's what my crew trainer said) oh wait if your not sure what to do when you come into to work don't just go in and sit in the crew room and wait for your trainer ... I was like over 10mins late for the clock in that way. Just ask for the manager at the counter and tell them your training today and ask who your crew trainer is.

Anyway, before I started on the floor obviously I did the modules which were also boring like last time but for some reason my crew trainer like helped me cheat on the tests for it... Hehe (actually at first he was asking me these personal questions which made me think he was kinda creepy... But actually he was heaps fun to learn from lol wtf). Don't know if I mentioned this but my trainer said I was the best trainer he had when grilling the meat. -big smiles-

I also finally got an apron, girl pants and a new name badge today yay!! Did I mention I was the best trainee? Haha yeah so you basically got to know the difference between the meat patties, remember to apply seasoning, be amazing like me aha at getting the meat after its cooked on the trays and clean the grill plate safetly. Easy peezy right?

Oh did I mention how good I was at my station today? Haha anyway that's it