Monday, 14 January 2013

1 down 4 to go

And I did assembling again... with that crappy trainer... but i learnt somethings :)
But I for some reason kept trying to avoid the guy I was supposed to talk to about resigning.. ugh so awkward. But you know what on my training modules I was supposed to do breakfast stuff and obviously I can't do that now so then when will I do it. My shifts are all afternoon shifts

Omg my trainer was saying to one of the other workers that he has X amount of days until he can have legal sex.. what??? why are you saying that out loud again? umm is something wrong with you? you don't say that type of thing in a work place and also he kept leaving me alone by myself... uhh hey man train me? I have officially realized that I do not work well or fast enough when there are like 100 orders coming through wtf

Still a little shite head but he was a little more tolerable. So I now have 4 shifts to go until I officially resign. I didn't receive any rosters today so I guess that means the message got through. How will my eighth shift go?

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