Monday, 7 January 2013

Fourth day training at Mcdonalds

Ugh. utter Ugh! Today as the title states was my fourth day training at McDonalds. The place where I work is still fucking hot but better yet or worse my training today was crap. I didn't know it but my trainer was younger than me.. try still in high school younger than me. And really didn't have me do much today -.-

You know as usual I go and do my modules until the end. (Oh I was actually supposed to make the burgers today btw) Buuuuuuutttt today he said you don't have to do it all because we're going to the back to do it. I only learnt how to really make a few burger and only remember a cheese burger and maybe a McChicken?

The rest of the time on the floor I was waiting around doing shit all and silent as fuck like I usually am (I need to try and be less quiet -.-). The trainer basically socialised and did other jobs while he was meant to be training me. Fucking worst training ever ... yet aha

At least my previous trainer was there and he remembered my name and asked me if I wanted water...

At the end of the shift he didn't do the proper SOC things like my trainer on my third shift. He just did the grilling thing :(

I'm starting to think I'll change my blogger into more of an online diary or journal type thing where I will post my diary stuff like I do now and also whatever else I want whenever I want.

EDIT: Thank you trainer for reinforcing my idea to quit at the end of the year :)

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