Saturday, 2 February 2013

Nail Rock Nail Stickers Review

I bought these nail stickers a long time ago and just haven't bothered using them until recently.

For anyone who is wondering I bought these at Dangerfield.

In my kit I got the money + moustache images on the nail stickers.

It comes with 16 nail stickers... so really it is like any other nail sticker kit where you pick and match to your nail shape but this one has no real indication of which finger the nail stickers should go on. Its more like 'hey if it fits then that's where you can stick it'.

Here is the rest of the things included in the pack:

It includes a nail file, instruction booklet that has many other languages besides English inside and a nail preparation wipe or acetone wipe.

And how might you do your nails with this kit?


-Just wipe each nail with the wipe (beware if you don't know what acetone smells like then its like a strong smell of nail polish remover whoa!)
-Select the right size nail sticker for each nail
-Stick and file off the excess (beware of air bubbles and folding of the sticker)
And your done!

Here is an image of how mine turned out (mind you I'm not too good at applying nail stickers anymore so yeah haha)

It didn't match too much but overall the nail stickers and kit were useful and of very good quality. I would definitely recommend and repurchase this brand again.

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