Thursday, 28 February 2013

Uni O-Week 2013

This week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) I attended O-week at my uni.

If anyone is ready this and wondering what the experience will be like for them when they start... well obviously experiences vary

Tuesday I came alone to Curtin for the very first time. It has also made me realise that I hate being independent wahhh I honestly wished my mum or dad was with me haha

Like any new student I got lost (I couldn't even find the bus station for 15 minutes -.-) So when I went into the lecture theatre for the Biomed orientation there were freakin a million people in there. So I sat next to a random and sorta made friends with her but god knows if I'll see her again. I'm surprised I got the courage to talk to anyone... and thats when I realised how introverted I was >>

We also had a tour around the campus areas that may be important to us. Made another friend sorta from my course yay! Then we had a sausage sizzle haha.

On Wednesday I went early to Curtin with my bf to get a blood test. which ended up giving me a bruise wtf   We also met up with his cousin who was a new graduate and he walked us around places and then they sat and ate at some cafe. I bought some books and saw my friend from school who apparently has 1 or 2 classes with me? There was also a unit orientation at 2pm with the other oral health students and made another friend yay! Wednesday was also the guild's O-Day celebration/event thing. We ended up with free drinks, chips and sausage sizzles!!! YAY to free food mofo ...and I also joined the A.S.I.A and M.S.U club for discounts lol oh and also the Anime club at Curtin :D

Thursday's orientation was off campus at the OHCWA. When I got there everyone was already there... seated so I stood like a loner, off to the side, playing subway surfer... I am the definition of a wallflower. Everyone seemed to have their cliques already :/ But when we got inside I was lucky to be able to stay in groups (when we split to meet our mentor) with the only 2 people I knew. We also met with the 2nd year students. Basically we got a campus tour from them and they also answered any questions we had. Ah, and also I won't even be attending Curtin uni anymore from 2nd year haha. I don't know if I even will get the chance to go there anymore after this year :S

So... basically I got lost at campus, joined some clubs, made a few friends but still know hardly anyone, bought some books, found out I need to get another one and got a blood test.

Overall orientation was sorta... full on especially with the effing hot weather!

I hope first week won't be too hard on me :/

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