Thursday, 7 February 2013

So I failed my driving test...

I just came back from my driving test... a very quick one at that and I failed :/

Big whoop but to my surprise it didn't really phase me.

The girl in the car next to mine was crying as I saw her assessor get out. I assume she failed. I feel sorry for her :( It must have been really important for her to pass...

There is the question of how I failed...

So at the roundabout there were a lot of cars coming through so I had to wait to be able to turn right... there were also cars coming on my right too -.-
So like anyone I wanted to be very careful and waited.. He said I waited too long to go and when I had the chance to I didn't. Yes, my mistake I know. Roundabouts are not my strengths.

Also turning in to this place... I didn't go in to the left and then turn :/ He told me to turn at a bus stop? My mistake again for not noticing but I thought it was just a practise round.

Honestly, whatever.

I'll try again next time and hopefully it will be early in the morning.


  1. Yeah, don’t be too bothered about it. Spare yourself of sad emotions by not thinking of it. You can always try again, after all. :] It wouldn’t be healthy to have this mindset forever though. When are you planning to take the test again? When that time comes, I’m sure you are all set for it for you’d be working on your weaknesses, I know. -->Marvis

    1. I'm taking it again in 3 weeks. Yeah my instructor is taking me around heaps of roundabouts lol I do need practice though. I haven't driven in a while haha. Thanks :)