Saturday, 9 February 2013

Little Caesars Perth

Yesterday I went out with my family to Sorrento Quay/Hillary's Boat Harbour.

We were initially going to have San Churros there but my cousin recommended a pizza shop called Little Caesars. Apparently it has the best pizza... according to her.

So we ordered the garlic bread, wedges and Portuguese chicken pizza.

If your about to order or are waiting for your order and wondering how long the wait is well... you have to be patient. I mean you'd expect wedges to be up and done by 5 minutes or so but... the garlic bread came first haha. Oh and the price.. don't expect your pizza to be as cheap as Dominos or Pizza Hut. Just saying...

Like I said the first thing to arrive was the garlic bread. It was just so... pretty?

The butter looking thing on the top of the bread pieces is like the garlic butter? But holy moly this was effing yummy!! Best garlic bread ever!

Next came the wedges with sour cream and chilli sauce.

Like any other wedges out there really. Yes, everything is freshly cooked in case you are wondering. Oh and the chilli sauce is actually quite chilli so be careful!

Then came the pizza: Portuguese Chicken

Chicken, mozzarella, onion, roasted red capsicum, peri peri sauce and parsley.

I just want to confirm now, it seems everything has parsley in it haha.

Aside from that this pizza was sooooooooooooo good. Better than Dominos. But the price $16/$21.50 (I think this is depending on the size)... is expensive but yeah it does sort of make it worth it. Btw the peri peri sauce is not as hot as the mild at nandos. Its not that 'peri peri'.

Did I mention there is free water??!!

Yep! Just grab some cups from the fridge and get a bottle from the bucket. More points to you Little C's!

If you have the time to go to Hillary's then this place is definitely worth a visit. They even have dessert pizzas!!

The address if anyone is wondering: 

221/58 Southside Dr
 Hillarys WA 6025
Open 7 days
11:30 am - 9:30 pm

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