Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gyaru Make Up

Recently I've been getting into the 'gyaru' scene and have been interested in the makeup style and fashion etc..

Atm my favourite magazine is Happie Nuts (onee-san gyaru actually). I really like how the models do their makeup and how they dress. They are all sooo pretty right? thinspo

Anyway the other day I went to watch Silver Linings Playbook (which is an amazing movie btw) and tried out gyaru makeup. Here is my attempt:

I think it looks okay (no lenses btw so have to cope with that for a while :P)

Closeup of eye make

Here is another pic of the products I used in case anyone is curious:

Pictured above is the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, Maybelline One by One mascara, Lacvert Essance Blush, Bare Minerals foundation, The Face Shop eyebrow cake, Models Prefer eyebrow pencil and Designer Brands brown eyeliner.

You can't really see my eyeshadow in the closeup photo but all I used was 'bootycall' from NP2 for inner corner shimmer and used a bit of 'tease' on the crease.

Also the eyelashes I used were the Ardell Wispies and these random ones I got from Vietnam with no volume and basically wasn't that noticeable anyway. I also put mascara on the falsies to thicken them a bit (dw I know I shouldn't have but I was going to throw them away after this).

Hopefully I can improve and get better at gyaru makeup soon. :)

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