Saturday, 16 February 2013

Happie Nuts 2013 January, February and March!

A few weeks ago I ordered some magazines from Yesasia.

I ordered 3 issues of Happie Nuts magazine: January, February and March 2013

Photo from my instagram

Because I ordered two or more Japanese items I got a free little capsule toy from Japan too.

Cute right?

January issue with emoda pouch:

Here is the February issue and the Gyda tote:

This was actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be.. 

see how small it is in comparison to the magazine?

The March edition with the Lip Service tote:

Tote in comparison to the size of the magazine

This tote was a lot more 'wearable'. I do wish they made the Gyda tote larger because it would've looked good.

I honestly love this magazine because the girls always have such gorgeous makeup and it features the type of style I'm interested in. Definitely will buy again.

Oh and if your wondering about Yesasia's service with magazine then you don't need to worry. The magazines always come in excellent condition (may have to do more than one shipment depending on amount of shipping units) but do be patient as the items will come within the free shipping time frame (Mon-Fri) which can take about 2-3 weeks (6-14 working days).

The April edition should be out by now and should also feature a Lip Service makeup case.

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