Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My First Week Of Uni

So this post is a tad overdue... I am in my second week now.

Last week, honestly went so fast.

On the first day I honestly never felt happier to have the 'lost on campus' app! Effing life saviour!!
I was supposed to catch the bus to school but I got dropped off haha. I actually only had one class because my next class was a lab which we all would start next week.

Second day I found out I was in the same class as my old friend who I met back in yr 11 and... we instantly became friends again :D But besides that my classes weren't that interesting to me on Tuesdays.

Wednesday I actually had no class because this class (which is the one I just came back from) started week 2. This was the class I had at Mt Henry... all bushland o.0

Thursday I only had a biomed lecture in the morning which actually was really interesting. The lectures for this unit are really awesome!!

And lucky last, Friday I was at my other campus at OHCWA. Basically like all other things it was an intro to the subject. There's not really that much to say :/

Overall the whole week consisted of annoying commutes, 2 1/2 hour breaks between classes, trying to find my class and trying to make friends.

Since I am nearing the end of 2nd week I can honestly say I can see where the cliques are being created and I am not in any of them. I guess since my interests have changed over the years there aren't that many people who have things in common with me :S

I mean yeah, I have made a few friends and I'm trying to create new friendships but I can already see what people I don't fit in with. I really think I am a boring person to some people. But... to my surprise there was one girl I instantly became friends with and maybe that because we are both Cambodian haha!

There are honestly just some subjects where I think this is total bs. I mean we have groups for some classes and I feel so out of place with my group. I am the only adolescent who really has not much in common with these people. In one activity we had to find three things that we all had in common with our group members and one lady said "Are we all born in Australia?" ... that was clearly directed at me, clearly being the only one of a different race -.-

I'm just so fed up with some things though because you are thrown into a world with sooo many different personalities and you are only lucky if you connect with those who have similar interests to you.

Although I honestly do enjoy uni life at Curtin. I really am going to miss it once I get to 2nd and 3rd year. Guess I'll just visit every now and again :/

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