Thursday, 18 July 2013

Syndrome Storenvy Review!

Hi again!

A while back I purchased a wig from Syndrome store!

Sorry in advance, this review will be crap - I forget how long it took to ship out to me but it was within the predicted time and I also forget the price.

I know I paid $10 shipping for the wig but a long with the actual wig price it was a reaonable price all together.

Here are some photos...

The packaging it came in

This is what the wig came in. Sadly I have no idea what the image says so... yeah haha

This was the wig out of the package.

and this is me lol
Sometimes, depending on the lighting, in photos the wig looks purple/brown/silver/blonde-ish.

It was a little tangled when I took it out of the package but it was in good condition.

In short, there were no problems with shipping, the product or the communication. In fact, little communication was needed.

On another note, I don't really think the wig suits me all that well because I am tanned haha

Other than that, thanks for reading :)

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