Monday, 30 December 2013

My 2014 Resolutions!!

It's 31/12/13.. frick another year has come to an end and another year that i'm having to face the adult world.

I'm writing my 2014 resolutions as I'm watching a korean drama (I've neglected watching most kdramas for so long ...) 

Anyway here are my 2014 resolutions:

1. Become fitter, healthier and lose weight... again lol 

2. Get a job, honestly idc but not maccas again. Keep it this time!

3. Try and volunteer for things for experience

4. Save enough money to possibly go on holiday with my bf

Now, what about my resolutions from last year, did I fulfill any of them?

1. Lose Weight - Yes! I actually did. I gained a few kilos and eventually halfway through the year I got sick of it and lost some weight. I'm still trying to but in a more healthier way. Motivation to go hard at the gym is lacking though lol

2. Make at least one or two new friends - I did this too! I went out of my comfort zone and branched to making more friends. Now just to want to go out more haha I'm such a homebody.

3. Create a unique blog design alone - I did not do this. I got lazy... and couldn't be bothered haha

4. Save up $1000 cash (only from money earned at work or things like bday money) by the end of the year - I could have finished this if I didn't take some of the cash out because I was running out of money :/

5. Lastly, possibly gain more readers and followers on blogger - I did in fact gain more followers on here. Although it is just a few, I am thankful :)

Okay enough of this, thanks for reading
Have a happy new year!!!

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