Thursday, 5 December 2013

Brave Storenvy Review!

Omg this post is long overdue. I actually ordered from the store so long ago but anyway

I ordered a shirt from a store on storenvy - Brave!

Here is the packaging it came in first of all:

um.. yeah idk what happened, why is this photo not rotated

Indeed I do

Plastic baggy the shirt I ordered came in ^

So I'm assuming the supplier has an ebay store?

This is the actual shirt I ordered:

And thats what it looks like on:

On to the actual review:

The Product
I have nothing bad to say. It was in good condition and it fit well.
To rate it out of five I'd give it 5/5

The Store
First of all I had no issues at all with Brave store and everything was good. Understandably the product came from the supplier and so the shipping time was a little longer but it came in time and again I had no issues.

I live in Western Australia and the product definitely came within the estimated shipping dates which can be seen here. Again a 5/5 rating for the store. I would definitely recommend this store to people.

Ok, thats all for the review, 

Thanks for reading!

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