Thursday, 18 July 2013

Castle of Bows Storenvy Review

Hi :)

Sorry I have neglected blogger lately.
I guess I was lazy haha
I suppose I'll use this platform for reviews of anything I feel necessary.

Anyway on to the review.

Lately I've been browsing a lot of storenvy stores and have purchased a few things. In this review I will be reviewing some cute bows from a store called Castle of Bows.

This store ships from Australia which is advantageous for me as there were low shipping costs :D I paid for the products and shipping too.

Here are some photos of the order (sorry in advance for crappy room lighting):

Comes in little plastic packages. Mind you I was a complete idiot and I did not realise how big the blue bow was... It's huge!

Alligator clips that are removable

out of packaging. they are so cute!!

This is how big the 'smaller' bows are. I forgot to take a pic of the bigger one but you can say it is about 2x as big.

My overall experience with the store was good. No problems and no issues what so ever. Thus minimal contact was required. I also got a note along with the package ^^

The condition, sewing and look of the bows were brilliant there are also no problems there.

I would definitely recommend this store to anyone! here is the address again:

Thanks for reading!!

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