Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 New Years Resolution~

Everytime I make new years resolutions I never follow through with them, however this year because it literally is a new start for me (uni, first job etc) I want to do it!! Lili you better do this!!!!

1. Lose Weight ... yeah you make this resolution all the time -.- do it for once girl! (hopefully drop back into the 50s?)

2. Make at least one or two new friends (yes, mainly because I want to make uni friends, work friends, any other friends and I think I'm generally bad at this) blogger friends anyone?

3. Create a unique blog design alone... or with the help of my bf haha

4. Save up $1000 cash (only from money earned at work or things like bday money) by the end of the year

5. Lastly, possibly gain more readers and followers on blogger

Hopefully I can fulfill this? We'll see by the end of the year :) and also happy new year me!! may 2013 have less drama than your last 2 years of high school lol

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