Sunday, 30 December 2012

Koda Kumi Vivi December 2012 Eye Make

Hello as I said and also because of my boredom I decided to do a Koda Kumi sort of eye makeup as seen in the December issue of Vivi magazine 2012.

NOTE: As you will notice clearly haha my end result did not end up as dark as KK's makeup was mainly because it was day time and i was going out so it wasn't as suitable but feel free to darken it up to your liking :)

1. Prime your eyes (like always) and then select a black shadow (I'm using blackout from my naked palette 2)
Then you should apply eyeshadow lightly, with a small amount (as a lot of black eyeshadow is A LOT) on your lid up to your crease

So When I open my eyes it should look like this:
Still quite light but you can darken if you like

2. Apply some more black shadow in the shape on your lid as shown in the pic below - this is the cat eye she has

3. If you should find the shape of your eyeshadow is not 'cat eye' then this is what you can do to 'sharpen' it up. Just grab a moistened facial wipes and drag it in the direction of the arrows to create a sharper look.
4. Apply liner like so and also curl and apply mascara on top + bottom lashes

(Note if you wanted you could blend the black shadow out with a light brown shadow which you can slightly see on Koda Kumi's eyes)

5. Select a pair of natural looking lashes or you could use individual lashes and apply them. 


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and hopefully I will make better and more accurate haha ones in the future. Thank you and Happy New Year!

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