Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Official post #1

Okay so I actually did make a post as a test earlier but this is an actual, official one haha.

I plan to do a makeup tutorial for the Koda Kumi eye look in the December issue of Vivi magazine of this year. (I actually only just ordered the December issue and January issue last week and it came today! Quite fast shipping from yesasia!! Also I just checked back on the site to see that the Feb issue has been released already?! I only just got the Jan issue WTF?!?!)

Oh i also hope to have that post up by sometime next week.

Please also excuse the fact that I will have to use my Iphone 4S to take photos haha as I am saving up for the Casio Exillium ZR1000 (which I will have to buy off ebay lol).

Just a quick post about life atm too which you probably wont care about lol,  I recently applied for a job... maybe not recently haha but I was offered it and told I would be given a call to go to work 2 1/2 weeks ago!!!! I had to do some online training and got paid for it today (actually my account totally stuffed up but the lady did say she would call :sadface: ) I'm going to call them tomorrow.

Just letting you guys know I have a tumblr and also an instagram (my username is lilicap) account which you can check out if you want to :)

I also have no idea how to design the look of my blog atm (please bare with me? :S ) so this is what I'll have for awhile.

Thank you for reading and please look forward to future posts :D

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