Thursday, 29 May 2014

Candy Japan May 2014 Unboxing

Hey guys

So I got my second shipment from Candy Japan recently so I will post what was in both shipments for this month:

The first shipment came in an envelope like this:

It contained three items:

First is the Puccho Peach chews:

closer look at the packaging - little AoT promo thingy >.<

The actual candy - its not really an ooze-like centre
Second item was the Chou Himo Q - basically a really long piece of purple and green gummy rope

Lastly the third item was Rocket Byuun - DIY rocket chewing gum candy

instructions on the side of the box

The little blue and yellow things were the pieces of candy you can mold to create different parts of the rocket

Thus was the part of the rocket you could separate
The final product

 Now on to the second shipment:

This shipment mainly had candies or snacks that people would eat whilst drinking tea

the box it came in

nicely wrapped

All of the candy and 2 green tea packets

The square ones are 'monaka' and the round ones are 'momoyama'.

the green tea 

Thats all that I recieved for the month of May, Thank you for reading :)

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