Monday, 28 April 2014

Candy Japan April 2014 Unboxing and First Impression!!!

Hi everyone!

I recently bought a subscription to
Candy Japan!

In case you don't know what this subscription service is well the name says it all. You get a bunch of random candy and snacks from Japan about twice a month!

It costs $25 USD (<- note its in USD) with free shipping all the way from Japan.

They also will send you an email with information on what is in the shipment and any other news.

Here are some photos of what I got in my package and thoughts on whether or not I liked the snacks!

The package it came in
A larger than normal shipment apparently 
This is everything I got in my package :O

There was quite a lot of things which I was really excited to try! Although I'm not too fond of trying shrimp/prawn/fish flavoured snacks because I can easily find them in my local store :P Anyway on to my impressions of the candy.

1) Strawberry Fortune Telling Chocolates

OMG these were sooooo good! If only there were more of them in the package. I didn't pay too much attention to the actual fortune telling info though. This is how you know what your fortune was: You either get a circle, double circle, cross or triangle. The email explained what they meant and what they were about eg. karaoke, school...

2) Orange Bubblegum

I've bought these before at my local Asian grocer and I've had pretty much every flavour there is!
They are really nice but the taste doesn't last long 

3) Ramune

Okay so this had the taste of ramune but it was in a tablet like form that sort of melted in your mouth. Still really good!

4) Nericho Soft

This was kinda fun to make and it tasted quite nice, it had a sherbet taste to it.

5) Shittori Choco

Omfggggg this was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten!! The chocolatey goodness is to die for. Anyway here is what it looks like in all its glory~

6) Anpanman Biscuits

These were nice, they tasted like the McDonalds cookies. Wish there were more in the packet though

7) Ebisen

Your average shrimp flavoured snack

8) Yamato no kame-san

These were so good! They tasted just like these other Asian biscuits but I don't know what they are called :P 

9) Umai bou Cheese and Potage Flavour

cheese flavour

not a nice photo.. but the potage one was broken
Okay tasting... not a good choice to eat it on my bed though lol - potage flavour is ok, I'm not too sure what it is but yeah...

10) Tai Arare

Again fish flavoured snacks. These were red snapper flavour.

11) Corn Potage

Potage flavour is okay. Just another savoury snack

12) Aji Curry

These snacks tasted just like Japanese curry!! I really liked these. They were so delicious.

Overall Thoughts 

The service is very good in my opinion. The shipping is very on time with the estimated delivery time and I really have no complaints about communication as an email is sent out about the shipment quite early. I do feel that the price is quite reasonable as shipping from Japan can be expensive. I definitely recommend this service to people who are interested in trying Japanese snacks or cannot get other Japanese candy services to ship to their country (eg. skoshbox does not ship to Australia). 

Thank you for reading and hopefully this was helpful!

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