Thursday, 29 May 2014

Pen Japan First Shipment!!! - May 2014

Hi guys!

In case you didn't know and may be interested Candy Japan have launched a sister subscription service call Pen Japan.

Basically this service costs $14.95 USD per month (free shipping!!) to recieve 2-4 pieces of stationery from Japan which come in the regular envelope that the Candy Japan shipments come in.

I decided that I wanted to try this for 3 months to see if I should continue or not so I subscribed.

Here is what I received for the very first shipment of Pen Japan:

The envelope it came in 

All together I received 3 items: Sticky note marker, penguin stamp and a gold stamp pad

I didn't receive an email saying what will be in the shipment like Candy Japan however in the Candy Japan email it said that the Pen Japan items were being shipped.

No real problems at all, the items are cute but I'm not really into collecting stamps so I'll see what the other items are for the next 2 subscriptions to see if I will continue.

Thanks for reading!

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