Wednesday, 12 February 2014

First year uni tips!!

Ok, so you're starting your first year of uni - how effing nerve racking right? unless this is not your first time starting in a tertiary institute then well.. i don't know maybe you feel relaxed?

Whatever.. so you get to pick your timetable, deal with hecs, go to orientation and freak out about meeting new people (or not)... but what are the things that you should know? How can you make your first year smooth sailing and money saving? (cause we all know how expensive uni is right?)


1. Don't buy your books until the end of week 1/2 

why? because sometimes you realise you don't effing need it at all and that you could of saved a heck load of money just borrowing the book from the library. Oh and don't fret, most of the lecturers and tutors shouldn't be fussy if you don't have it in the first week if you require it in class. I mean some of the textbooks are for pre-reading or just to reinforce what was said in the lectures

2. If you do need to buy the book check out the second hand store, library (just to borrow for extended periods of time) or ebay/gumtree/other cheap second hand sites where you can find textbooks

One big issue for students is money money money money!! Save as much money as you can because of the fees and equipment/uniforms/whatever that are 100% required for your classes.

3. Pack your lunches or meals to bring from home!!

Again.. money matters. Food is sooooo goood on campus right? I mean sometimes it won't hurt but I would say not to buy food all the time. Who knows when you'd need that extra $5? It's certainly more nutritious than some of the food they sell on campus too. (Also if you are avoiding weight gain... uni food everyday will kill you. I mean I didn't even realise I gained weight during first semester  D: )

4. If your commute involves public transport and you are not a morning person/do not live 10-30 minutes away from campus then do not have 8am classes!!!

Unless you really do not mind waking up early all the time. You do not know how sleepy I would be in the middle of the day (mind you I do not drink coffee in the morning either). Back when I had 8am classes I would have to wake up at 6-6:30 just so I can get ready and have breakfast etc.. and be on time with public transport. But do keep in mind any peak hour traffic that may occur during the route as that could make you late.

5. Don't be afraid to make new friends!

Talk to people, ask them about their interests, ask them stuff to get the convo going. Who knows? they might be really cool. I was real afraid because I think that I'm not good at making friends but after a while I was like eff it "hey, what music are you into?" super lame but whatever haha

6. Start your assignments early and don't forget to record them in your diary/planner

This is so important! I know that throughout your entire schooling life you have been told this and we all know teacher like to make everything due on the same day maybe haha but do it!!! It's annoying when you have an essay to write that you haven't started and you have another project to do then you remember that you need certain types of credible sources for your essay and you explode.. not literally. But start early and space everything out for when to do them. eg. start looking for good sources one day, start the intro another, have a group meeting on Monday...

Basically that is all for my tips. I'm still in my first year 2014- semester 1... ugh only cause I changed courses but I will be officially a second year as of semester 2 yay!

And good luck to anyone starting uni/tafe/polytechnic/whatever this year~~

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