Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Face Shop - CC Cream Smart Capsule Review

Hi all!

I'm going to review this product that I got a while ago from BeautyNetKorea
Here are some photos of the product before I go on to the actual review:

ingredients for anybody's curiosity

This is the actual product itself

this is where the product comes out of. It's different haha

So to get the product out you actually have to push on the whole top as it acts as a pump to get the product out through the circle thingy. So, the more you push the more comes out.

Now the actual review of the cc cream itself

The first time I tried the product in store it was amazed me. The concept of the way you get the product out and the fact that it says it would suit all skin colours drew me in right away!

So I tried a bit on the back of my hand and was instantly in love. I took a few samples home and used them until I was able to find somewhere that stocked it for cheaper than my local The Face Shop. There is was around $60 AUD but online I found it to be around $20 USD - which is an obvious bargain.

When I started to use the product I didn't notice how much I would actually grow to hate it and regret buying it. 

Now my skin is dry/combination and at the moment there are quite a few dry spots. I'm going to show you a few picture of what it looked like on my face but really the camera didn't do much justice for me.

Dry spots... dry spots everywhere!!

More disgusting dry spots..

The CC cream made the dry spots I saw look so horrible... It even showed dry spots that I didn't know existed :/ So a definite no go if you have dry skin!!

I exfoliated and tried it again and it just absolutely sucks if you have any dry spots at all! It has a sort of matte/powdery finish which is good for oily skin. That's the good thing about it, it has good oil control but I think if you have really oily just add some powder over the oily areas.

Another bad thing I did not like is the colour result. When I applied it my face was a whole lot lighter and whiter than my body. I tried to take a photo to show this but no matter under what lighting it just didn't look like what it did in real life.

for some reason it looks the same colour as my body in all the photos I tried to take..
Even after an hour it oxidized a bit but I still had that visible too-light-for-my-skin-tone look >.>
Although by the end of the day (wearing it from 9am - 5pm) the colour was matched to my skin tone... it did fade because I noticed my blush wasn't really there anymore but there was still some of it left on my skin when I tried to use a cleansing wipe.

Overall I would give the product 3/10 - or 1.5/5 but it sounds better out of 10 lol

Bonus points only because of the oil control... 

I wouldn't recommend this unless you have normal or oily skin. It's not even worth if you have any dry spots at all! Also for anyone who is out on the look for an Asian bb/cc cream that could work for darker skin tones, I wouldn't recommend this either unless your willing to apply it in the morning and go out after its oxidized because it takes a long freakin time!

Thanks for reading this review! :D

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