Saturday, 20 April 2013

My Singapore Trip + Haul

So over the first curtin tuition free break my family and I finally went to Singapore!!!!


I stayed at Furama City Centre for anybody who is wondering but I didn't stay for long...


random shot of decor inside hotel haha

Brekkie for the first day

yes, they are naked lol
the famous merlion

some sort of nice but weird tasting bread from bread talk
4 minute ad for samsung
To my surprise there were soooo many people with samsung phones unlike here where a lot of people have iphones.
never thought bread and ice cream would be nice but this was the best and it was $1

Kpop/Korean restaurant called Seoul Yummy i think

And now the haul :)

High waist shorts from F21
Watsons stuff

Falsies galore!

unfortunately i didnt take a photo of the pore product i bought but the bad is cute right?
 From Tangs...

This is seriously the most amazing product ever!

Sasa stuff

close up of lashes

finally got my hands on some eyelid fibres

Mainly a picture post but nonetheless I had the most amazing time in Singapore. I just wish I had more time so I could explore more places. I love Singapore! 

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